Who has studied issues related to the buy Methocarbamol online physiology of respiration, blood transfusions, use of anesthesia. He wrote the first textbook on physiology.     Three great discoveries of natural science - the law of buy cialis conservation of energy, cell theory and the theory of evolution - were the basis for the development of many science disciplines. On the basis of physical and chemical knowledge in the second half of the XIX century was intensively developed physiology. Any physiological school, attracting young scientists from different countries (K. Ludwig, R. Heidenhain and others). During this period have been achieved determines the success of in-depth study of the organs and systems, developing physiology of nerves and muscles as excitable tissues (Du Bois-Reymond, Helmholtz, E. Pfluger).     Great contribution to the development of physiological problems introduced by Claude Bernard,
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